Scaffolders Liability

Genesis is a lead provider of Liability insurance for the Scaffold industry in Australia.

20 years ago the Scaffolding and Access Industry was considered a hard to place Liability risk which was reflected by the hefty insurance premiums being charged. In the mid to late 90's, following the introduction of the Workplace Health & Safety Act and the Scaffold Advisory Standard, Genesis recognised this Industry as an improving risk and set about sourcing competitive premiums for its members.

We, at Genesis liaise with our client and ensure that we understand your business and its activities, this ensures that the Liability insurance reflects the potential exposures.

Genesis has been active in this market for over 12 years and we deal directly into the Lloyd's London market. Giving us a closer working relationship with the actual insurers which benefits our clients.

In the event of a claim or incident, we are authorised by the Lloyd's syndicate to appoint Assessors/Investigators, which means that there is activity protecting you from the outset of any potential loss.

Occupations and associated activities we can cover include:

  • Erection and dismantle of scaffolding and roof rails
  • Hire and supply of scaffolding and roof rails
  • Import and/or manufacture of scaffolding and roof rails
  • Service, repair and/or maintenance of scaffolding and roof rails
  • Sales of scaffolding and roof rails
  • Elevated work platforms and scissor lifts
  • Other affiliated activities


Some of the advantages when you utilise the services and products of Genesis are:

  • Competitive premiums 
  • Lower excesses (low Worker to Worker excess)
  • No CBD work restriction 
  • Claims settlement with a high focus