Public/Products Liability

Public Liability insurance covers you and your business for damage or injury a third party suffers as a result of your business activity.

A Public Liability policy will normally cover your business including subsidiary companies, and your staff, principals, directors & partners whilst acting within the scope of their duties.

This type of insurance covers claims that not only occur at your premises but anywhere in Australia where you may provide goods or service,

The policy can also be extended to cover world wide but usually excludes the United States of America and Canada.

Public Liability insurance will only respond to claims made by third parties excluding your own employees who should be covered under a Workers Compensation or similar insurance.

Products Liability insurance is usually included in a Public Liability policy and is essential if you sell or provide goods to your customers.

It will cover third party claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the failure of the goods supplied by you.

In any business accidents can happen and you may be held responsible, and even if you are not at fault you may incur considerable  costs in defending yourself.

GENESIS strongly recommend that any business generating revenue should have a Public & Products Liability Insurance policy.

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