Management Liability

Management liability insurance protects directors and officers and the company itself from the many exposures relating to the management of a company. Anyone who owns or is involved in the management of a company carries specific responsibilities which may leave them personally liable for any alleged or actual wrong doing.

Managing business risks is critical to the overall performance of a business.  Most companies insure the tangible exposures of property damage and bodily injury but neglect to insure against economic loss. Any business can experience ‘unwelcome surprises’ that could potentially threaten their financial position leaving their managers and owners exposed to personal liability and the business under threat.

Increased regulation has also heightened the operating risk for businesses of all sizes. Management Liability insurance is one way businesses can help protect themselves against ‘unwelcome surprises’.

Given the potential severity of these types of claims, it's worth considering Management Liability insurance for your clients.


Directors and Officers Liability
Cover is split into two main parts:

  1.  It covers directors and officers for their liability for any Wrongful Act (these are defined in the policy), and
  2. It protects the company itself where it is required or permitted to indemnify a director or officer for a Wrongful Act. (Company Reimbursement)

The Wrongful Act definition is broad and includes any actual or alleged neglect, error, misstatement, omission or breach of authority.

Employment Practices Liability
Covers employment practices claims made against the company.
Please note cover for EPL claims brought against Directors is covered under the Directors & Officers Liability section.

Statutory Liability
Covers statutory liability claims made against the company.
Please note cover for Stat Liability claims brought against Directors & Officers are covered under the Directors & Officers Liability section.

Company Liability
Covers defence costs and settlements in respect to third party claims and also includes Fidelity, Internet Liability and Tax Audit cover.

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