Event Insurance

Arranging coverage for events like an expo, a political convention, an indoor ballet, or a megastar rock concert is a complex process that requires a high degree of underwriting expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Particularly when there are many parties involved from the insurer side, from your broker, to the Lloyd's intermediary, to the Lloyd's underwriters, to the correct paperwork being issued, to the Loss Adjuster, to the intermediary claims officer, to the Lloyd's claims administrator, to name some of those involved.

This Policy provides specialist Contingency Insurance protection for the financial losses incurred by the organiser of any event, show, performance, conference or exhibition that is cancelled or curtailed for any reason beyond their control. Cover is available for both indoor and outdoor events anywhere in the World and for either a specific event.

We've arranged insurance for a variety of events including:

Event Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance will cover any expenses or lost revenue that you might stand to lose if the event you are holding or attending is cancelled, abandoned or postponed for unforeseeable reasons beyond your control.

Non-Appearance Insurance is an additional option when taking out Cancellation cover. This creates protection where an event is dependent on the attendance of one or more individuals. For example the Key Speaker at your conference is unavoidably delayed, the singer at your concert becomes ill or the Bride can't make it to the church in time (free will, excluded of course!).

Obviously there are many extensions of cover to be considered for the differing events that take place. It is paramount that the correct extensions are added to ensure that the insurance is tailored  to the needs of the event. Additional perils such as Terrorism, Communicable Diseases (Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Foot and Mouth, Sars), Volcanic Ash Clouds and National Mourning, can all be considered.

In recent years we have seen the 911 trauma, volcanic ash clouds disrupting air travel, riots in London, and pan-European strikes, all of which would have had a significant impact on many events. With risks such as an injured guest, a closed venue or damaged property, Genesis is able to obtain for you cover against the unexpected.